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The Daysy Guide To Your Hormones

Get our in-depth guide to learn more about your hormones, cycles, and health!

Daysy can give you insight into your hormones, cycles, and health. With this guide, we share the science behind the red, green, and yellow lights. We hope to support you in gaining the knowledge you deserve, to use Daysy as a powerful tool for self-understanding and empowered decision-making. 

Whether you’re just starting out with Daysy or a longtime cycle tracker, this guide will provide evidence-based answers to core questions relating to your cycles, hormones, health, and how Daysy works.

What you will learn from the guide

In this guide we cover a variety of topics, from the introductory, e.g. the hormones involved in your cycle - to the advanced, e.g how stress affects your cycles. The timing of ovulation to the mechanics of menstruation, it’s all in here. Each section also covers the Daysy details, exactly how Daysy reflects this knowledge and can help you gain more insight.

Other topics included in the guide

Cervical fluid types; increasing conception chances; monophasic cycles; the effect of thyroid problems on the cycle, and more. Additionally included are many detailed chart graphics and comprehensive cycle phase breakdowns. 

Who is this guide for

Daysy users and the Daysy-curious alike will learn from our guide. We’ve collated research on many aspects of the cycle. 



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