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Media Contact the Nederlands

Patricia Dijkema


Tel. 06 57 58 68 44


Company description

Valley Electronics is an innovative, reliable and woman-led family company. With competence and experience in the field of fertility tracking, it is committed to reliable and science-based natural fertility management. Since 1986, Valley Electronics has been a pioneer in the field of “fertility tracking” and has since expanded its experience and research in monitoring the female cycle and combined it with the possibilities of technological progress. High product reliability and user satisfaction have always been the driving forces. The company can therefore look back on a unique long-term and positive experience in a market that has only recently become very dynamic.

Fact sheet LadyComp

Product description 

As lifestyle fertility trackers, Lady-Comp and Pearly allow women with the desire for a health-conscious lifestyle to monitor their individual menstrual cycle and determine their fertile and infertile phases in natural harmony with their body. Lady-Comp and Pearly are a reliable and scientifically supported method allowing women to accurately differentiate their fertile phases from infertile phases based on a sensitive basal body temperature measurement. Through an intelligent algorithm based on scientific studies and knowledge, years of experience, and sophisticated technology, the devices offer the highest quality, reliability, and precision for fertility tracking. As a direct result, they are trusted and recommended by their users. Lady-Comp and Pearly are to be used to facilitate conception and track the menstrual cycle.



The Fertility Tracker Method (FTM) falls under the umbrella of fertility awareness-based methods. By using this method, women can distinguish their infertile from fertile days within their menstrual cycle with an accuracy of over 99%. In the Fertility Tracker Method, the user uses a fertility tracker like the Lady-Comp or Pearly. Using an integrated, highly sensitive thermal sensor, the user measures her basal body temperature (BBT) daily and documents her menstruation. The fertility tracker saves the data automatically and evaluates it independently using an integrated algorithm to narrow down the fertile window.

Fact sheet fertility tracker method

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